The Time is Approaching

Everyone who has visited this site before is, without a doubt, wondering what’s been going on with Salvation Arts and Crafts. I must admit that I have dropped the ball in the past couple of years. Sidetracks come in many forms and I won’t go into the details.

The Lord has blessed me in many ways, though, and one way is that He has helped me to accept the fact that things don’t always happen overnight. Instead they happen when the Lord allows… in His timing.

With the new year starting up, I have been blessed with a light at the end of this tunnel. It’s still small at this point but I can see the glow down the road. I believe we will take one day at a time and see what happens. The dream of this company being of service to my Lord is alive inside me and I am trusting His guidance.

I invite you to occasionally visit this website and see what develops throughout 2019. The time is approaching when, if the Lord wills, I will be devoting more and more time to show you what He has in store.

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