What, Exactly Is Salvation?

When I was a small child, I had few cares or worries. I had my mom and my dad. I had clothes to keep me warm. I had food to eat. I had my toys to play with… though they were few to today’s standards, they were sufficient for a preschooler in the early sixties. Life was hard but I couldn’t tell it. I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t have to worry about where these things came from. They were just there. Oh, I knew that my dad and my brother would get up early and head to the barn to do the milking and when they would come in a few hours later, they’d be toting a couple of buckets of fresh milk. We’d eat breakfast that Mom and my sisters had ready and on the table. After that Dad would head back to his farm work while my siblings rushed out to catch the bus for school.

I would spend the rest of the day under my mothers watchful eye. She was always there. I could count on her, though I didn’t realize what the term, “counting on” actually meant. That woman stayed busy from way before daylight until way after dark. She would fix breakfast, dinner and supper along with wash and repair our clothes, clean the house, and be there to rock me to sleep when I was tired or clean my cuts and scrapes and add a bandaid when needed.

I could write a book about my life in the sixties and maybe, someday, I will but the point I’m getting at is that I didn’t have to worry about hunger or deprivation because my parents seemed to be able to come up with what we all needed. Why was this?

It wasn’t because they had a lot of money… instead they had little or nothing most of the time. No extravagance whatsoever. There was something else that I remember about that time of my life and about Mom and Dad. They raised a family that worked together. My four brothers worked alongside Dad and my five sisters worked alongside Mom. Of course… me, being the youngest of ten children, was not expected to do any work or share the same responsibilities that the older ones did. I suppose I was the spoiled one of the lot… but I think I’ve turned out alright so they must not have spoiled me too much.

“So with my mom and dad raising ten children and being able to come up with all our necessities… were there ever times when they needed to be pulled out of tight situations? Of course there were. You don’t raise ten children without sometimes wondering where your next meal is gonna come from… or where you’re gonna get the funds to buy clothing or seed for planting the garden. What if the rain don’t show up in time to make good crops? These were certainly not new concerns to anyone in the sixties. That’s just the way it was. That’s when good neighbors step in to help and share what they have. You might say it’s salvation.

The word, “salvation”, has a few meanings in today’s society. The ones that make the most sense to me is: (a) preservation from destruction or failure. (b) deliverance from danger or difficulty. These two definitions satisfy my way of thinking about everyday life… but I’m only human.

God has another definition which includes the death of His only Son and the redemption of the sin of mankind. This is a gift of our God and Heavenly Father and can only be attained by accepting what the Son did for all of us.

Jesus came down from heaven above and entered the womb of a virgin as an embryo fertilized by the Holy Spirit of God. He grew inside His earthly mother, Mary until the appointed time and was born as a child here on earth. Immediately He was celebrated, by a chosen few, as the long, awaited savior. But after that initial celebration he grew up and lived the same as we all did.

I know there are differences in the time that He was a boy and the time that I was a boy. Times change… as I’ve been reminded quite often from my mom and dad. But Jesus and I both had parents that loved us. We were taken care of until we were old enough to fend for ourselves. Along the way we learned from our parents how to do things to survive… and when we found ourselves in a scrape or tight spot we were helped out by our parents when possible. Depending on the urgency of the situation, it could be considered salvation.

God’s salvation comes to us every day in ways that we might not realize. I say this because He is our Heavenly Father… our creator. He loves us and takes care of us on a daily basis. He is always there.

He sent Jesus to live and die for us while taking the punishment for our sin. His death was the sacrifice that took our sins. His resurrection is what changed everything for us. By returning from death… He defeated death. He gave us new life… eternal life. This is salvation.

The wages of sin is death. Adam and Eve commited the first sin so they had to pay the price. Not only that but their initial act brought sin into the world for all their offspring to inherit. Mankind was no longer perfect. Without Jesus, we would have no chance.

The truth about this salvation from God and from Jesus who is called the Christ… one must believe and accept this gift that has been given. If you don’t believe, then you can’t accept it. If you don’t accept it, then it will not be yours.

My prayer for you is that if you have not already accepted this gift, then you will accept it now. If you need to find out more, just contact me through email at the address below. Please feel free to leave any comments you may have in the comments section below.


Ronnie Clark


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